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      Sodium Fluoride (NaF)

      Molecular Formula NaF
      Molecular Weight 41.99
      Appearance Colorless to become bright colorless crystal or white powder.
      Main content ≥98%
      Impurity Index Sign
      SiO2 ≤0.5% Na2CO3 ≤1.0%
      SO42- ≤0.1% HF ≤0.1%
      Moisture ≤0.5% Insoluble in water ≤1.0%
      Uses Primarily used for the machine razor blade with plane the knifes set steel to strengthen the welding strength, the next in order used for the timber antiseptic make by fermentation the industry disinfectant, agriculture insecticide and cure to use the antiseptic etc.
      Packing 25kg Plastic woven
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