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      Dimethylolbutanoic acid (DMBA)

      Dimethylolpropionic acid is the main raw material for the manufacture of waterborne polyurethane. Our company has jointly researched and developed Dimethylolpropionic acid products with other provinces. After sampling inspection, its various indicators and performances have fully reached the imported products, and many users have used them in batches and have been unanimously praised.

      The full name of this product in English is DMPA or DA in English. It is a multifunctional compound with two primary hydroxyl groups and one carboxyl group in its molecule. In the manufacture of waterborne polyurethane, it is not only a chain extender, but also because of the introduction of affinity Water groups carboxyl groups, and the polyhydroester has self-emulsifying properties. Therefore, self-emulsifying water-based polyurethane with excellent stability can be manufactured. DMPA has been widely used in the production of water-emulsified leather finishing agents.

      In addition to the above-mentioned Uses, DMPA can also be used in polyester coatings, photopolymerizable compositions, new liquid crystal materials, adhesives and magnetic recording materials, etc. The addition of DMPA can improve the stability, homogeneity and durability of the product.

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